Aims and Objectives

The promotion of geographical knowledge in Cyprus.

  1. The modernisation of the teaching of the subject of geography in schools in Cyprus.
  2. The active involvement of the geographical world in the economic, social and educational life of Cyprus.
  3. The encouragement of geographical research in Cyprus.
  4. The conservation and enhancement of the natural and human environment of the island.

The means to achieve the objectives are:

  1. The issue of a geographical journal.
  2. The creation of a geographical and map library
  3. The encouragement of the public in making scientific organised trips and visits in Cyprus and abroad with the object of geographical study, field work and research.
  4. The pursuit of close relations and contacts with other geographical bodies abroad, and affiliation of the CGA with related international associations and organisations.
  5. The organisation of map, photograph, book and other relevant exhibitions.
  6. The organisation of lectures, seminars, courses and other activities aiming to promote and disseminate geographical research and knowledge in Cyprus.