Financial Resources

The Cyprus Geographical Association is a non-governmental, non-profit, scientific association.

Its resources come from:

  1. Annual membership fees, which are classified as follows:
    (a) Regular Members € 15.00 / Students € 5.00
    (b) Affiliate Members € 30.00
  2. The sale of the Association’s publications
  3. Occasional contributions, donations and other lawful income sourses
  4. Courses organised by the CGA
  5. Advertisements in the Association’s publications
  6. Film performances and other events

The Association’s funds may be utilised and allocated for the following purposes:

  1. Purchase or rent of premises necessary for the purposes of the Association
  2. Payment for books, management fees, including auditing fees and communication expenses
  3. Supply of books and magazines of geographic content for the library of the Association
  4. Issue and circulation of books, magazines or other publications to promote the goals of the Association
  5. Grants, awards or scholarships to students or schools in Cyprus, aiming to improve and promote the teaching of geography
  6. Legal advice in order to ensure that the rights of the Association are met
  7. Legal taxes
  8. Payment for part-time secretarial services, advertising services, or subscription collection services
  9. Payment of salaries to teachers, teaching courses organised by the Association
  10. Accommodation and other expenses of distinguished foreign geographers invited to Cyprus
  11. Expenses approved by the General Assembly