The Cyprus Geographical Association was founded in November 1968 by a group of young people, geographers and teachers, who had great zeal and love for the science of geography, which was then an almost unknown discipline in the island. It was a time when geography was taught in only a few high schools and students were receiving only some general knowledge on the subject, not by geography teachers but from teachers in other disciplines. In Europe and America on the other hand, the important and multifaceted geography lesson, which deals with physical, economic, demographic, political and cartographic issues and other aspects, was taught systematically at all levels of education from qualified geography teachers.

It was necessary, therefore, for the people of our country to understand that the physical environment and humans, and their interaction, is a major concern of the science of geography, whose contribution to the socio-economic development of a country is important. It was necessary to understand that behind serious political issues and problems are geographical factors, such as the geostrategic importance of the countries, natural resources, etc. It was still necessary to realise that by studying the environment, humans can give explanations and answers to numerous questions that arise, due to their direct engagement with issues and situations that they see and experience.  As a result, they would be able to make the proper evaluation and appropriate handling and management.

One of the key pioneers and founders of the Cyprus Geographical Association was the late George Karouzis, who conceived the idea of founding the Association, realising the need to fill the void that existed in the field of the science of geography in our country. Visionary, enthusiastic devotee of the great contribution of geography formed a core of young people inspired by the same love for our country, who worked hard to build and activate the Association. George Karouzis was the first President of the Cyprus Geographical Association and held this position for seven years. He was proclaimed Honorary President of the Association for his valuable services and great contribution.

After G. Karouzis, the following individuals served as Presidents of the Association:

Othon Yiangoullis, Andreas Sophocleous, George Kadis, Panayiotis Argyrides, Nicos Rossides, George Papagiannis and presently Kyriacos Demetriades.

The objectives of the Association, as listed in the statute, are:
-The promotion of geographical knowledge in Cyprus.
-The modernisation of teaching the lesson of geography in schools in Cyprus.
-The active involvement of the geographical world in economic, social and educational life.
-The encouragement of geographical study and research in Cyprus.
-The conservation and enhancement of the physical and human environment of Cyprus.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Cyprus Geographical Association implemented numerous activities and became known both in Cyprus and abroad. Among its first goals was the improvement of the teaching of the lesson of geography in schools in Cyprus. It promoted the education of geographers to be appointed as school staff and to this end it successfully organised a series of university courses for attaining the Geography Diploma of the University of London. Several of those who attended the courses, were awarded the Diploma in Geography, of the University of London and a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography of the CyprusCollege. Some continued their studies abroad and acquired the MA or M.Sc , as well as the Ph.D degrees in geography or related disciplines.

In addition, the CGA applied pressure on the Ministry of Education with some success to appoint qualified geographers in high schools and modernize the curriculum, to increase the teaching hours of the lesson, to write suitable textbooks etc. The actions of the Cyprus Geographical Association were successful and the situation has improved considerably. The CGA continues to monitor closely the whole matter and is prepared to make the necessary interventions when and where necessary.

Other activities of the Association inter alia, include:

The organisation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture, of Pancyprian (island-wide) student competitions in regard to the geography of Cyprus, aiming to encourage geographical research in schools and to generally promote geographic knowledge in our country. In 2012, the CGA launched a Pancyprian student competition on geographic issues, on the occasion of Geography Day that was established as an annual event.

The organisation of field work, led by scientists from Cyprus and abroad, for a better understanding and in great depth, of the landscape of Cyprus. Aiming to simultaneously analyse and synthesise or intergrate the various characteristics of a region under study. To love and cherish our country because we become familiar with the origin of every form and every detail of its physical and human environment. To love and cherish our country because we get to know the tremendous geological, morphological, climatic, soil and floristic diversity found in such a small area of ​​land.

The circulation of a wide range of geographical publications, among which is the scientific biannual bulletin «Geographical Chronicles», which is bilingual (includes studies in Greek and English) and is known both in Cyprus and abroad. So far 31 issues have been published, and circulated to schools and libraries in Cyprus, but also to universities and libraries abroad.

An important factor, is the contribution of the CGA and its members following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 and the continuing occupation by the Turkish army, whereby the members studied and promoted the various aspects of the Cyprus problem and refuted the Turkish propaganda with strong scientific evidence and arguments. The Association has also sent letters and memoranda to heads of State and government and other personalities. In 1976 it successfully organised the International Symposium on Political Geography, in which prominent scientists from various countries participated. The Symposium studied in depth the various aspects of the Cyprus problem and promoted our just positions. The Association published the proceedings of the Symposium (in English) and they have been circulated abroad, forming a valuable enlightening material.

With regard to the conservation and enhancement of the physical and human environment, the Association has organised several events and activities with relevant interventions to government departments and other bodies, made announcements on the World Environment Day annually on the 5th of June, organised tree planting events, various other events and established a small forest. The forest was created in an area of state land which was granted to the CGA by the Government in 1973 in the Mosfiloti area, some 25 klm south of Nicosia. The site, approximately 50,000 sq.m, was planted and fenced and has now developed into a fully grown forest. The land had been leased for a term of 35 years, which has now expired. However, the Association requested in 2012 from the government to renew the lease for the same piece of land, in order to protect the forest and develop it into a place of study of the geomorphology and vegetation, as well as the climate of the area, and in the longer term to establish an environmental study centre.

Other activities of the CGA include letters and memos to appropriate bodies, lectures, film nights, documentaries, discussions, interviews in the media, international cartographic and photographic exhibitions, and the creation of a geographic museum in collaboration with the Municipality of Strovolos .

The Cyprus Geographical Association is a registered member of the International Geographical Union (IGU) and on its website it is presented as the National Committee of Cyprus. Within the framework of its international relations, the CGA invites from time to time to Cyprus foreign geographers of international repute to give lectures. It published their studies in the Bulletin «Geographical Chronicles». Also, members of the Board of the CGA took part in international conferences organised under the auspices of the International Geographical Union or other organisations.


Founding members

George Karouzis
Andreas Sophocleous
Alkis Kyriakides
George Xenophontos
Marios Papadopoulos
Vassos Constantinides
Kyriacos Demetriades
Vassos Constantinou
Socrates Constantinides
Andreas Charalambous
Andreas Marathovouniotis
Christakis Herodotou
Christakis Panagides
Andreas Kelepeniotis
Haris Neophytou
Costas Xenophontos
Andreas Mavrommatis
Andreas Christou
Michael Theodorou
Andreas Meleties
Michael Christofi
Sotiris Pittokopitis
Anastasios Stasis
Ioannis Lysandrou
Philippos Philippides
Chrystalla Charalambous

First Board (1968-1969)

George Karouzis, President
Andreas Kelepeniotis, Vice-president
Andreas Sophocleous Secretary
Kyriacos Demetriades, Treasurer
Costas Xenophontos, Member
Michael Christofi, Member
Anastasios Stasis, Member