Cypriot students win two medals at International Geography Olympiad

Two bronze medals won a four-student team from the EnglishSchool, Nicosia, that participated in the 14th International Geography Olympiad held in Belgrade from 2 to 8 August 2017. The medals were awarded to Savvas Markou and Andreas Stylianou. Close to winning a medal were the two other students of the team, Charalambos Ioannou and Athena Eytychiou.

It should be noted that this is the second time that Cyprus participates in an International Geography Olympiad, after an invitation by the International Geographical Union and the Serbian organizing committee to the Cyprus Geographical Association, which was the organizer and coordinator of the whole effort. The selection of the students to represent Cyprus was made after a national geography competition. The Cyprus team was led by the geography teachers Harut Boyadjian and Ioannis Tsingos of the English School, Nicosia.

This year, 164 students aged 16-19 participated in the Olympiad, from 41 countries, among which the United States, Russia, Australia, China, Japan and the United Kingdom.